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ChatbotsPutting Communication in Autopilot

Broardcasting to Multiple platforms

Even though Facebook chatbots are the most popular ones in the market, businesses are continuously developing chatbots for other platforms, such as Twitter, Slack, Skype,

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Engagement through Customer Support

Many people have different questions about different brands they do business with. Most of the time, those questions are concentrated on their products and services.

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Access to Data

Smart chatbots are ready to provide customization based on observing consumer’s posts on various social media and data gathered on consumers by the platforms themselves.

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Automated Customer Service

Millennials are an enormous consumer base and are well known to be the tech-savvy generation. They always look up for innovative ideas and what technology

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Chatbot in Social Media Marketing

With the help of AI technology, chatbots are software or programs which are concatenated with messaging apps. Since they are developed using AI technology, they

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What Are Chatbots, Anyway?

Let’s get to know the basics of chatbots. A chatbot is a messaging API that is meant to imitate human-like conversations with users.

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AI Chatbot & Machine Learning

Brands Investing in Social Blog. But why?

It’s pretty clear that the majority of the customers are cool with conversing with chatbots.
However, there are many more compelling reasons why so many brands are choosing chatbots

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Why Is Everyone Warming Up for Chatbots?

On the outside, bots are like the new toy which everyone wants. Sure, they look pretty exciting. But have you ever come across one, or are you using them? The answer is a yes.

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Customers Need Immediacy

According to Twitter, 50%+ users expect a response to their customer service queries in less than an hour. I know this sounds exaggerating, but there’s no denying that users want to have quick solutions from their brands.

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