Chatbot in Social Media Marketing

With the help of AI technology, chatbots are software or programs which are concatenated with messaging apps. Since they are developed using AI technology, they are capable of having human-like conversation with the user. Along with that, since this software is rule-based and uses deep learning and artificial intelligence, it can answer all FAQs. It can adapt to the customer or users behaviour accordingly. Not many businesses are aware of the utilisation and benefits of chatbots, but those business who are have benefitted immensely using this marketing tool. 


With the growth of messaging applications over social media network, people are not accustomed to communicating with chatbots. Additionally, social media platforms are beneficial to businesses that are utilizing chatbots. Facebook alone has around 33,000 chatbots on its messenger app. All things considered, chatbots may be a firm footstep towards revolutionizing social media marketing to a more efficient and profit-driven future. Let’s understand the role chatbots plays at the social media marketing front.