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Powerful ways in which chatbots transform your customer experience

In the changing business world and fleeting economic times, the way customers are interacting with businesses is changing day by day. Naturally,chatbots are the first choice for embracing change in doing business online.

A survey conducted by Oracle states that by 2020 80 percent of the businesses would be using artificial intelligence-poweredchatbot services. In fact, 1.4 million businesses now use chatbots in 2021.

Types Messengers That Can Integrate Chat Bots

Types Messengers That Can Integrate Chat Bots

As you know, a chatbot is a software with artificial intelligence that can converse with humans using messaging interfaces. Following is a list of the latest messengers that can be integrated with chatbots.

Types Messengers That Can Integrate Chat Bots

AI-powered chatbots are usually integrated with CMS and CRM platforms that take forward the brand’s online presence through virtually automated texting.

It is safe to conclude that these days it is highly important to have a social presence. And it’s not a surprise that chatbots have entered social media as well with customized responses for your clients. They are robust and efficient. The chatbots on social media are called social media chatbots.

“Did you know, according to IBM, chatbots can answer up to 80% of questions that your clients may have.”

Uninterrupted Live Chat

Uninterrupted Live Chat

You do not need to have a presence of humans on the other side of the communication channel as chatbots can interact and engage with clients the same way a human would do. The live presence of customer support employees is not a necessity when you have chatbots in place.

Chatbots use natural processing language and rebuilt pre-built communication methods that analyze the customers'questions and deliver responses that meet the customers'needs.

The most convenient aspect of chatbots is that they can also be seamlessly integrated into smartphones, company websites which in turn save the customer the time and trouble of searching for answers online. If your client should find a roadblock in discovering features, products, solutions that they are looking for, they can simply text, and your chatbot will provide the right answers.

In the 2018 keynote, Facebook released a report that states that around 8 million messages have been exchanged between companies and Facebook users through Facebook’s chatbot live chat.

Uninterrupted Live Chat
Reduce Stress For Your Clients
Reduce Stress For Your Clients

Reduce Stress For Your Clients

It is a known fact that customers think that it is time-consuming to contact customer support. Most often than not, they also have a preconceived notion that once theyget customer service, they would receive unnecessary calls. A recent survey found that 94% of participants dreaded contacting personnel from customer support. And as we can deduce it the least enjoyable engagements according to most customers and they want to avoid it as much as possible.

The survey also found out that customers like communicating with chatbots as they help them achieve much-needed tasks.

Reduce time for resolving issues
Reduce the time taken for connecting with customer service
Improve user experience Streamline the complete conflict resolution process