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A software that imitates human like conversations with clients who want to interact with you through various messaging application is called a chatbot. They can answer simple questions and help people understand about the common business tasks without the help of human intervention. The questions might be frequently asked queries about your business or any specific service details that your clients want.

Chatbot Builder

Chatbot Builder

Not all of us are coding expertise and a very few of us get time to develop platforms that use this kind of automatic communication system. And that’s why we need a chatbot builder which is generally a platform that helps you launch communication using with limited coding or at times no coding at all.

Chatbot Builder


We know that though chatbots are trained to answer the most important questions, but it gets difficult for the chatbot to decipher the query. There are some questions that people might ask that the chatbot is not trained to recognize. If the chatbot doesn’t recognize the users input then the chatbot replies with a standard reply that you set it to. It is the default response that is triggered when the bot doesn’t know the answer.

For example: “Sorry, I am unable to recognise that.”

Quick Reply

These are short and fast replied that gives users options to choose from. Quick replies are the features that help users make fast decisions and improve the user experience during conversation.

And that’s a wrap. We have covered most of the terms that are used in chatbots. If you have any further queries, reach out to us.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning intelligence as most describe it, artificial intelligence is the simulation of human learning using machines. Basically machines are programmed to think like humans and mimic their actions. In the world of chatbots, AI helps in automated communication, translation, decision making and speech recognition.

Machine Learning

Interestingly chat bots also identify the patterns of human communication and learn from the past communications using machine learning. And the bright side of machine learning is that it will learn how to communicate better by itself without any human intervention.


Often you find a sweet welcome message from the companies that you try to interact with and that’s our greeting. Greeting helps you to encourage users to start a conversations using the chat. Sometimes greetings can also be sentences that encourage users to ask questions if they are finding it difficult to find the solution they are looking for.

Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing

You must be familiar with Google translate or Grammarly – they run with NLP(natural language processing). The branch of knowledge in AI that helps computers make sense about what’s happening. In other words it helps computers understand read and decipher human language. NLP also helps in understanding the context of the users message and reply to it properly after decoding its meaning.

Alt text - Sentiment Analysis with AI, the image contains emojis. Worried, Angry, Sad, Surprised, Happy and Confused. 


Sentiment Analysis

As simple as it sounds sentiment analysis helps to figure out how people feel about your business. Now this is a subfield of Computer science that uses a combination of machine learning and NLP to understand the tone or text of the spoken language.

Natural Language Processing


Application programming interface – is it a toolset that lets applications communicate and interact with other programs and helps programmers integrate it with various other applications.

Did you know that Facebook opened its messenger platform for chat bots April 12, 2016?


This meant that users could interact with their clients using Communication systems developed by artificial intelligence. This allowed interactions to become seamless and had transformed the way businesses communicated with their clients using Facebook.



Stories are used to create conversation scenarios that the chatbot uses to communicate with users. We need to use conversational elements like user inputs, entities, attributes, responses etc.


Chatbot responds to the user’s queries using filters based on the context and information that they provide. Chatbot can further ask questions to the user if they are looking for something specific in the services they offer. This is done so that chatbot can provide answers that help the user.


The chatbot reroutes the conversation to a customer assistance agent using transfer. This would be triggered when the chatbot finds that the questions are out of its scope to which it is configured.

Cloning Tool

This is an innovative feature that enables you to replicate the existing chatbot scenario. Cloning makes your work easier when you want to build a highly complex chatbot story but don’t want to start from scratch.


Also known as web call backs, webhooks also are automated responses sent by chatbots. It is an automated response by the API. They collect data from the conversation and route it to the registered web services. Information like email address, phone numbers, name, enquiry type et cetera are collected and sent to the registered URL.

Software Integration

The process of linking two different software to work as one entity is called software integration. Typically, most of the applications that are developed to run over different interfaces are needed to be integrated. Examples we can integrate chatbot with WhatsApp.



The name, email, phone number and other user information can be labelled Chatbot uses attributes to reply with personalized responses. When the chatbot uses your name in responding to your message, it is the usage of attribute.

Chat Widget

It is a customizable chat window that can be added to the website. Chat widget helps you to launch your chatbot and enables users to interact with the chatbot.

As we are talking about bots talking to us, here’s a random quote on conversation!

“Be brave enough to start a conversation that matters. “

Margaret Wheatley


Phrases and keywords that have similar meaning are called entities. These entities are important for all chatbot conversations. These entities can be customized according toyour services and use them for retrieving answers and communicating the right information to your clients. This helps chatbot deliver relevant answers to the user’s input.

Typing Delay

Typing delay is the time taken by chatbot to respond to the user query. You can set the timing of how fast the bot should reply to the queries. Typing delay also helps you to mimic the human interaction typing and helps you create a natural flow of conversation.