Broardcasting to Multiple platforms

Wati Chatbot Dubai mass audience

Even though Facebook chatbots are the most popular ones in the market, businesses are continuously developing chatbots for other platforms, such as Twitter, Slack, Skype, and others. That way, the companies are expanding their reach to target audiences on social media platforms they dwell the most and not just on Facebook.

Furthermore, messaging apps have outdone major social media networks in usage, and it’s only relevant for social media marketers to be where their customers are. Creating chatbots for multiple platforms will give the business an upper hand in the future, especially since chatbots are in the current trend but are still limited and more familiar platforms.

Social media channels extend the business a great way to set communications and relationships with customers. Nowadays, chatbots represent a new high level of connection between brands and customers. In the near future, chatbots will be able to intensify social media marketing efforts ten times and help businesses achieve success more quickly.