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  • October 24, 2021
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From the past year, because there has been a significant increase in covid cases, schools have decided to shut down functioning in premises and conduct classes and exams online. Millions of students across the globe are now taking classes online through several platforms.

The education system has changed dramatically in this due course, giving rise significantly to e-learning.

Several types of research have been conducted in the initial stages of the lockdown, to analyze and understand if online learning is the best for education at all levels. It has been shown to increase the rate of retention of information and take less time to absorb information.

Apart from the education system taking a huge leap, people are now confined to their homes, with accessibility to very few activities. So to be productive and add skills to their resumes, they are taking up several certificate courses.

With all these changes, teaching methods have changed drastically making it difficult for a few students or learners to understand and absorb information easily. To ease up this process, using AI educational bots have been created.

Educational bots are basically AI digital learning assistants and chat-based solution that will help teach and educate the learner with content that is highly personalized according to their IQ and abilities, exam or test preparation to score high numbers, content, and conversations; and presented it is a two-way conversational format, query and doubts responses and explanation to give a clearer picture of the subject. These educational bots impart and help practice for both theory and practical subjects.

These educational bots also are tied up to various renowned universities. These universities provide their professors who have deep knowledge and long-standing experience in teaching, they help in formulating a basic blueprint of a study plan that can further be edited according to your preferences and schedule, recording of lectures in audio and further are always there to solve any questions or doubts that are directed by the service executives through the chat option.

These bots tend to provide extensive chat and audio support regarding any questions or doubts that may arise from your regular studying. It will also help you schedule your study plan, remind you about the topics that need to be completed in your schedule on priority, provide you with reference links to which you can further direct yourself to a read into your desired topic, schedule regular tests to check your progress, etc… The scheduling aspect of the bot will help you plan out your study material in a way that you can complete the study, revise and practice before a test. While the tests provided by the bot are prominently based on your schedule and according to that the assumed topics that you’ve completed the learning for.

The bot also notifies you if you’ve scheduled a study time, or also when you’re due for a test or completing a certain chapter or topic, or when you aren’t in compliance with your previously planned schedule.

The chat support is extremely beneficial as it understands the query or doubt and tries to provide an explanation and reference links for further information that could elaborately solve the doubt. If the query has still not been resolved via chat, you can further get in contact with a service executive who would in detail explain the query or further roll your call to an experienced lecturer or faculty who has immense knowledge in the subject. You can indulge in an informative discussion with these profound professors about your doubt and get it cleared.

The audios that the educational bot provides are recorded with the help of learning high-quality equipment by the tied us universities’ professors. These audios can be heard offline and online according to your convenience.

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