Chatbot Influence Education

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  • October 24, 2021
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Chatbots are extremely constructive and help in enhancing the learning process by making it more efficient. With the availability of several simpler bots and Artificial Intelligence apps, that various schools and colleges can use.

These programs are designed in a way to have one or a few functionalities that table-specific problems or tasks at hand. Three important ways how Artificial Intelligence and chatbots can improve education :

Essay Scoring :

Educators tend to rely on multiple-choice tests to test the student’s knowledge, only to make their job easy and simple. It is proven that essays tend to provide deeper insights regarding a student’s level of knowledge, methodology, problem-solving skill, the understanding of the subject. However, essays are much harder to grade and assess as they are subjective to each person’s perception. In the coming future, essay scoring functionality will be tackled by the educational bots, making it extremely feasible.


Just like how word processing tools pop up suggestions that suggest that our texts are too wordy or could be cut short, complex machine-learning algorithms will help assess and grade the student’s essay on a particular topic. According to the report written by Huyen Nguyen and Lucio Dery, from the Department of Computer Science at Stanford University, the winning app had an 81% correlation with the human grader.

Spaced Interval Learning :

This concept of learning also makes you revise the old lessons or lectures, right before you forget them. The spaced interval learning was used as a basis for developing an app that helps the students and educators to track the learning process and sends constant notifications as reminders to revise the old lessons that they’re about to forget.

Student Feedback and Professors Assessments :

To assess an educator’s work and skills, student feedback is extremely essential, in modern educational institutions. Previously schools and universities that collected feedback processes through print forms have now upgraded to online forms. By using chatbots they can make it even more efficient and simple. While chatting with the bots, the students get an opportunity to explain their feedback in detail. Correspondingly, the bot can be designed in a way to ask more probing questions, to collect transparent and honest feedback from the students.

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